ass of a brother

Today my brother came in and started complaining like always about how much food there was on the counter and a that there were a whole bunch of pop cans well if it worries him so much then he should just clean it up himself and stop bitching at us and stop doing it when his girlfriend is around i mean he’s nice and funny but when his girlfriend is around he is just an ass its stupid and its getting old!!!

i try to be nice adn it backfires a then when im mean it hurts why cant i win??? im always being maade fun of and being put down or called a bitch when the truth is that im depressed and cant admit it to anyone but i cry myself to sleep a person can deal with only so much crap and put on a brave for so long before  my walls come crumbling down


i try to be nic…


if your looking for a site that talks about the good of this world this isn’t it. this is about all the people on the news and in my life and what i think about all that. Meaning this isn’t gonna be a hugs and kisses to that old lady that risked her life to save a people from a bomb or the fireman that rescued that cat outta a tree when maybe the reason it was up there was because it wanted to be and the owners of course can’t understand that so they spend there time wasting the fire departments when they could be out saving a alittle kid from a fire 20 miles away.