ok so my brothers girlfriend moved in last week and we used to get along before but now she just gets pissed at nothing…. today she got pissed at me for reading a stupid info thing for a show and not recoreding a stupidshow about a bunch of people towing some stupid cars… and then she got pissed at me for not moiving right away, because they were sitting there (on a three seater couch by the way)… so now my brother is an asshole and is saying that everyone in my family hates me. 



i dont know why my family thinks im a spoiled botch but they must not know me becauswe i am anything if not unsopoiled. my brother, sister, and my brothers girlfriend came home from being in port orchard today and the first thing they said was that their cat the girlfriend shoved on him had  kittens. so we all go out there to check out the kittens and whether my brothers room is a talk shit zone or something he started asking ME why i was going to tri-cities tomarrow and not taking my sister when they were the ones who came back early and me and my mom have been sitting at the house all weeks so i dont get why my sister cant just stay home for not even 4 hours when shes been gone all week and i have been sitting at home alll week because i didnt want to fight with them and the second they get home they start one. plus ive been taking care of the dog they have and the two cats (one of which i previously mentioned being pregnant and one boy, which is how the girl got pregnant even though there from the same litter) and the fact that the dog and cats arent even my brothers he paid for them but his girlfriend is the one who wanted them.

i dont know why…

new phone

so tell me if this is ok my brother has a droid global 2 and i have a pantec crux so is it fair that he gets a new phone when he just got that phone a month ago and i got the crux a year ago!!! but my mom said that it was because i had no friends  and i do i just dont see them every freakin day but that doesnt mean that my  brother can get a new phone does it???

ass of a brother

Today my brother came in and started complaining like always about how much food there was on the counter and a that there were a whole bunch of pop cans well if it worries him so much then he should just clean it up himself and stop bitching at us and stop doing it when his girlfriend is around i mean he’s nice and funny but when his girlfriend is around he is just an ass its stupid and its getting old!!!

i try to be nice adn it backfires a then when im mean it hurts why cant i win??? im always being maade fun of and being put down or called a bitch when the truth is that im depressed and cant admit it to anyone but i cry myself to sleep a person can deal with only so much crap and put on a brave for so long before  my walls come crumbling down


i try to be nic…